Women have always fascinated Mica. They possess what is truly beautiful on Earth – beauty, strength, sweetness, and tenderness. He likes working with them, adores creating with them and they will always be for him an inexhaustible source of inspiration, admiration and respect.

He’s been a photographer for more then fifteen years. He works with natural  and ambient light as much as possible, He keeps it raw and steers away from retouching and make-up and prefers natural beauties. Confidence, fun and respect, are primordial during his shoots, he thinks this is the reason models give him a lot more to work with due to his relaxed approach.

Although sometimes his photos can seem a bit provocative, but the respect remains the most important aspect. He dislikes images that subdues women, dominate, or turn them into sexual objects, but he still lets them have as much freedom during the shoot because it’s important for him  to be able to create together. And severals times he is pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
Sometimes, pushing him to adapt himself so he can capture them as they are.

“They are free, like every women in the world should be.”

A sensual travel to one of those hot rainy days in the summer of Québec. The kind of day who inspire us to just get naked in the outside…

Model: Caroline Marissal 

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