day for nights
It is no secret that the world is over saturated with music festivals – sharing national spotlight is not possible at this point. But Day For Night in Houston, Tx promises to gather the attention for all the right reasons. To begin with, this is not just a music fest with various artwork laying around. This is an Art Fest as much as a Music Fest or a ‘Music Festival inside an Art Installation’, as the video promotes.
With world class visionaries like Refik Anadol, Casey Reas and Alex Czetwetynski; Day For Night promises to be an intense visual experience to complement such experimental musical line up made up by the extraordinary sounding frequencies of Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, Nicolas Jaar and Janelle Monae +.

“Computational Art is an emerging field of artistic practice which is newly feasible as a result of technological innovation. Heretofore, these shows have been relegated to small museum shows, installations in galleries attended by small crowds, or the rare larger-scale event which lived on the periphery of culture. Never before has a festival featuring Computational Art as a primary focus been produced alongside internationally famous pop artists targeting the masses. This is a big deal as we’re bringing the art front and center; we’re taking it mainstream.”  Reads the festival’s press release.

The festival is part of the Free Press Summer Fest family, an alternative to ACL and Fun Fun Fun Fest for Houston natives. With the rapid growth of FPSF, being a 6yr old adventure its admirable to see how successful their past line ups have been and how the company is stepping into side projects with such strong concepts.

day for nitght line up

For the full line up and tickets make sure to check out  their website.