In early December each year something magical happens in Miami, something other than beautiful weather in Winter, Art Basel!  The fashion week of art, artists from cities around the world come to showcase their latest works, galleries come to show their aesthetics and artists they feature, and the entire city turns in one large exhibit of badass art. Now one year old and on our third issue, we wanted to do something special for our fans and readers of Miami, we wanted to come throw one of biggest parties we have ever undertaken to celebrate our ISSUE III: FALL 2015 release as well as our cover artist Jen Stark! We invaded Art Basel with a furry and teamed up with Supermarket Creative as well as Libertine Miami to host our Art Basel Party and showcase featuring friend and fellow artist Crywolf to headline the event and hosted by our boss man Dustin Hollywood. We also had a litany of artists playing that were hometown favorites in Miami such as BASSIDE, Nala, Kaixen and Virgo! The night started off with a bang, the house was packed from the start, 350+ people wall to wall dancing their asses off and celebrating the creative journey we took on ISSUE III, and three of the artists featured in the new issue in attendance, Virgo, Crywolf and Jen Stark. There was raunchy antics, shenanigans and plenty of amazing music, we danced until the early morning. We had a line out the door and down the street for 4 hours until around 4 am, the turnout was beyond anything we could have expected and we were one of the hottest events in Art Basel that night. Big thank you to everyone involved including Veronica Gessa and Charis Kirchheimer as well as everyone at Supermarket Creative and Libertine Miami for an amazing night! Thank you to everyone that came and everyone that has supported us thus far on this artistic journey, it was a hell of a way to celebrate our best issue yet and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2016!!

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See all the craziness we got into at our 2015 Art Basel Party below, photos courtesy of Charis Kirchheimer and Veronica Gessa! Stay tuned for our recap on Art Basel as well tomorrow!


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