With the goal of finding the sleaziest and dirtiest motel on the strip in Las Vegas, Brooke Olimpieri, better known as FilthyMouthCreative and model Devin Alexis set out to run wild for an exclusive new editorial for NAKID. Brooke is a regular on NAKID and is also featured in ISSUE III: FALL 2015 out now in our brand new store!  Entitled “Late Checkout“, both Devin and Brooke hadn’t shot together and hung out in awhile.. So she found the dirtiest and cheapest room  on the Vegas strip, really the only qualification was dirty, sleazy, hot mess. They got more than they bargained for though, “It took about 5 shots of tequila to get Devin on the floor. Her feet were dirty, like she had walked on blacktop barefoot. But hey, no pain no pleasure. That dirty little room has a new story to tell.” Wardrobe by OMighty.
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