Ramona Deckers is an Amsterdam-based photographer with a visceral inclination focusing on portrait, documentary and fashion photography. She loves working with vintage analogue equipment, developing her own film rolls, and is drawn towards the magic of the unpredictability that comes with this process. At the same time, she enjoys the speed and precision of digital photography and feel equally at home in both worlds.

Deckers’ work depicts her affection for people and the body – the interior and exterior, carnal desire, love, relationships, femininity, solitude. She is always on the lookout for the perfect imperfections that make us human. She mostly shoots with her dearest friends. Their trust allows her to get close and reach a level of intimacy, honesty and realism that would be much more difficult to achieve with random strangers, and opens the door to a natural beauty. The chemistry between subject and photographer, one of the most difficult and important aspects of shooting good portraits, is already established.

Deckers often travels around the United States, and devotes her time to capturing the unfolding narrative on film. When she’s on the move she works intuitively, which gives her comfort. Being away, not knowing what tomorrow will look like, is always an adventure! Big cities – the ruins; the silence; the emptiness and hustle and bustle; humans, so delicate and fragile, interacting with an enormous city – all these contrasts inspire her the most.

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Model: Martina Gabrielli


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