Puerto Rican born and Streets of New York City raised photographer. His dive into photography has always been a thing which has followed him since he realized that he could immortalize time and even conjured necromancy through the practice of capturing exposures. He is yet to know where this photography craft will take him but is allowing it all to consume him. As Bukowski once said “find what you love and let it kill you”

The series was inspired by own  personal explorations of the occult as it has applied to his lifetime as of now. Life has been a series of stages where each year he grows closer to becoming one with energies transgressing through and about him. Lalitha was the vessel in which the true self was invoked to rise from the shell of flesh and then lured back to consume the vessel so as to become acclimated as one. There is no greater purpose in life than achieving the anti-hero persona inside us. That’s where the true self lies.

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