Words By Adrian Samano 

We all have become familiar with the term “Netflix and Chill” nowadays and some of us are guilty of sending that midnight text saying only “Netflix and Chill?“ with some provocative emojis. But the question is, what’s actually good on Netflix? What is there to watch? You do not want to end up watching “Bob’s Burgers” I mean we all love that show, therefore it’s a safe bet. If you care to leave a better impression, worry no more my friends. We will be gathering some options for you so you can stimulate the conversation for your Netflix and chill date and show off  that you actually know the good flicks streaming online. These are our picks for N&C for the adventurous bae.

Tangerine (2015)


With “Merry Christmas Eve, bitch.” being the very first words spoken in the film I was immediately hooked. Tangerine is a story that follows Sin-Dee, a transgendered prostitute who has just been released from jail, in search of her cheating, pimp boyfriend Chester on Christmas Eve.  The film is loud, depressing, shameful, funny, and exciting. It takes you for a ride along the streets of LA and gives you a sense of what life is like on the streets and in their community. If you’ve ever wondered what a true indie film is, watch Tangerine. It is truly the definition of an indie film. There’s lots of running, it’s stylistic, there’s existential themes and the music is great. I mean, what more could you want in a film? Tune in, stick with these characters, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Oh! I almost forgot: the entire movie was made using only 3 iPhone 5’s.


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
a-girl-walks-homeAna Lily Amirpour’s directorial debut couldn’t have made a bigger impact on me. The style and cinematography in this film is superb. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is also the first Iranian Vampire Western ever made. This piece of noir cinema is set in an Iranian ghost town called Bad City; a place riddled with death, drugs, and sorrow. It tells the story of Arash, a young man struggling to deal with his heroin addicted father and “The Girl,” who stalks the people of Bad Town, helps the weak and the good, and punishes the corrupt and evil. This film is a unique tale of love, horror, and girl power. I recommend cuddling up to watch this one. 


Beginners (2010)
052611_begginers_soundtrackI love the complexity of this film. It does a really good job of reflecting real life and shows that with all of the tragedy that life brings, there always those faint glimmers of hope and love that trumps all. After Olivers mother passes, his father Hal is diagnosed with terminal cancer and comes out of the closet. In the film, we see this story told in three different time periods. One of Oliver as a child, to get us to see where his issues stem from. One of Olivers father confessing his homosexuality and one of Oliver trying to forge his own relationship with Anna, a French actress played by Melanie Laurent. This story is told wonderfully and will definitely touch your soul.