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Simone Steenberg’s, works celebrates inspiring female individuals, who she has meet on her personal as well as professional journey. She explores the female body in interaction with clothes in a sculptural and performative way. She produce hyper-sexualized images of women that function in a subverting and confronting way, giving empowerment to the photographed women, their bodies and sexualities. Here, the body is seen through unconventional poses and focus on different body gestures. These gestures can be seen as playful, awkward and sometimes even disturbing to the traditional male gaze.

Lola Rose‘ is part of a bigger project called ‘Tales of Girls‘, which deals with stereotyping and sexualisation of women’s bodies in mainstream media, she is playing with what is revealed and what is kept hidden of the female body to the viewer.She sees her work as visceral photographic performances reclaiming the female identity and body while also rethinking and suggesting new understandings of contemporary photography.

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Team Credits:

Stylist- Faye Heran

Stylist assistant: Ana Lui

MUA: Porsche Poon

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