Valentina Adorini, a photographer currently  living and working in Barcelona, Spain, recently sent us this exclusive editorial for her first Nakid debut. Although photography has always been one of her main interests  its real depth occurred while studying at the Academy of Brera (Milan). The art world has always had a fundamental place in her life. At this stage of her artistic career she’s discovered a form to make contemporary photography and conceptual photography from different techniques that she has learned, as she’s been deeply fascinated in. Parallel with studies of art, she has undertaken those of photography. Painting requires patience and too much time for her own nature, photography is the medium that best suits her impatient nature, she wanted to learn the technique and develop a personal style. Her research goes to make a photograph that leaves the conventional while trying to keep her cultural background without compromising with the market demand.

See more of Valentia Adorni’s here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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