Raul Smith, a 25 yr old from Venezuelan engineering student, self taught photographer/videographer, picked up a camera for the first time in 2010 while he was living in Argentina and since he’s always carried one with him. He started as a “party photographer” working with some clubs, DJ’s and collectives back in Argentina and later in Venezuela. He’s  currently working as a freelance fashion and music video director/photographer, with an ocassional wedding gig. In his personal projects he prefers to work with his 35mm film or polaroids – he likes to think that his style of work comes and is headed to that kind of aesthetic; a few shots, grainy, gritty, a little editing , and one thing that he kept/learned from his time as a partyphotog was the “on your face“,on the moment, it is what it is kind of images he wants to portray hence his motto “I take pictures, drink beer and dont think much“.

About this  shoot: “I met daniela a few years ago,through her boyfriend who is an old friend of mine and since then i’ve booked her for a couple of commissioned gigs ,but this time we had a little free time to kill in between, so, given that we live in the heart of a rain forrest which happens to be also a national park,we went for a little hike and to cool off in the river, i brought the cameras along with us, we shoot on the move,and with the clothes that we had on,so this is the result of the day.”
He added  that in his country its illegal to do photoshoots in national properties without permission, so they had to work quickly and not bring any attention while they were shooting.

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