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Art Basel 2015 was something other worldly for us here at NAKID, not only were we featured by VICE, Paper Magazine, The Miami Herald and more for our ISSUE III Release Party featuring cover artist Jen Stark and Crywolf who performed with Kaixen, Basside & more – but we also had the chance to attend the largest art fair in the U.S. and it was absolutely amazing! We saw some of the craziest work, like neon signs reflected through mirrors to have double sayings, or the giant life-like head of Frida Kahlo, bunny men, coconut boobs and obese teddy bears. I was like walking through a maze of inspiration at every tent or art fair location scattered around the city of Miami. We absolutely can’t wait to do it again next year! Here are some of our favorite things we saw there, enjoy!

See all the craziness we got into at our Art Basel ISSUE III release party here:  NAKID MAGAZINE TAKES OVER ART BASEL 2015!

Photos Courtesy of Charis Kirchheimer & Dustin Hollywood

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