Kayel (kale) McCraw, is a 21 year old designer and self taught photographer, he got his first camera in 2012 as a means to capture moments he would have otherwise forgotten. After meeting Emily at his first ever fashion/portrait shoot at the end of 2014, they began doing regular shoots as a creative outlet. He is primarily focused on shooting with natural light whilst avoiding flash, and photoshop at all costs.

Photography is a great excuse to wake up early, go outside, and explore – This shoot on a rooftop carpark at sunrise, with maccas hotcakes, and a couple skateboards in hand, seems to embody all of that.

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PinkLemonade-3713 PinkLemonade-3719 PinkLemonade-3723 PinkLemonade-3732 PinkLemonade-3737 PinkLemonade-3743 PinkLemonade-3759 PinkLemonade-3762 PinkLemonade-3763 PinkLemonade-3783 PinkLemonade-3789 PinkLemonade-3809 PinkLemonade-3815 PinkLemonade-3833 PinkLemonade-3839 PinkLemonade-3843 PinkLemonade-3851 PinkLemonade-3877 PinkLemonade-3880 PinkLemonade-3881 PinkLemonade-3883 PinkLemonade-3885 PinkLemonade-3886 PinkLemonade-3890 PinkLemonade-3894 PinkLemonade-3899 PinkLemonade-3908 PinkLemonade-3914 PinkLemonade-3917

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