HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A7912-HiResH. August Smith, is a fashion photographer whose minimalistic approach focuses on a sophisticated aesthetic. His sticking imagery is composed yet approachable. Whether in studio or on location, August creates bold and graphic imagery with clean and calculated dimensions. August layers elements such as lighting , props and composition to create a three-dimensional vantage point that allows the talent and product to be the primary focus. Neutral tones and pops of color create mood and sophistication within his work. He submitted this editorial he shot with Amberleigh West, she is the Playboy playmate for January 2016.

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Team credits:
Stylist: Lydia Marie
Assistant: Mitchell Smith
Model: Amberleigh West @ Heffner ManagementHAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A7867-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A7931-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A7892-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A7895-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A7943-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8091-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8139-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8134-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A7808-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8140-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A7846-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8007-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8531-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8275-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8178-HiRes HAugustSmith-AmberleighWest_44A8405-HiRes