Free Free Dom Dom is an electronic duo based out of Berlin with an admiring love for their city’s underground scene and an electric cynical vibe. Their sound often reminds us of some kind of Grimes and Tv on the Radio hybrid. The high pitched vocals of Little Voice matched with the slow dragging rap style of Philippe Duval, really gave their music a sense of revelry.
For their newest single, they decided to match up with director Ophelie Rondeau for a playful music video shot roaming around the city of Berlin in an improvised playful day. The entire video is shot in super 8mm film for a more melodramatic look of the bands affection for their town.
The film is a ghostly representation of the union of two entities with a shared vision. Ophelie is well known for her use of film photography, being featured in multiple international magazines. As a photographer,she hunts the truth, the raw and the self empowering sex-appeal. On the other side, you have FFDD a couple of young musicians ready to showcase their  vision to the world, without retrains or filters.
“We used the Berlin Wall obviously, which is full of powerful messages. We shot in Tempelhof park which is an Airport (closed in 2008 and then turned into a huge park)…We went to Zoo station in reference to the Movie/book « Christiane F ». It’s a must-see movie about the drug damages on teenagers in the 80’s in Berlin. Also we really wanted to include the Vintage Photoautomats in this videos…They’re from the 70’s and they’re so cool.” said FFDD.
“This video reflects our state of mind: when you try something too hard then you just feel the need to go back to something simple and authentic…like walking in a park, chilling, contemplating. “ xx FFDD