1 Anai Bharucha, is a fashion photographer based in Mumbai, India. At 22 years her style is constantly evolving. She finds inspiration in the most benign and mysterious moments and creates stories based on theory and nostalgia

Divya Saini  is a young fashion stylist based in Mumbai, India with an aesthetic sense that tackles both the unconventional and known. Armed with numerous sources of inspiration, her versatile sense of style has allowed her to contribute to various magazines all over the globe.

The idea for this shoot was to display a simultaneous feeling of warmth and winter. They took off on a mini road trip to desolate salt pans just outside the city of Mumbai and set camp in a friend’s house near the location. Thea, was both alluring and cinematic in her response to the space. We went back and forth between the car and  the bike more times than they can now remember.

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Team credits:

Fashion Stylist & Creative Director: Divya Saini

Hair: Siddhesh Shinde

Photo retoucher: Ieva Purina

Designers: Shift and Cord bag

Stylist’s Assistant: Rachel D’cruz

Model: Thea Hudson at Anima Creative Management

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