A Captured Mind-17Andre Devon Gomez, is a prolific multi-disciplinary artist in the underground LA art and music scene and has had dozens of shows within the past year. The last show he showed was Jan 1st and the next is on the 22nd for a new underground party DaydreamDTLA. In this detailed work, he applied one of several techniques he is known for on the nude body of a beautiful well known los angeles based model. He began his art career in 2014 when a fan of his band and now mentor, Tony Noceti began to introduce and include him in the fine art collective, SVNTWNTY. Since then, he began throwing artshows, crafting zines, album and single covers for several musicians including his own musical projects.

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Photos curtesy of: Tyler BlaisdellA Captured Mind-19 A Captured Mind-42 A Captured Mind-46 A Captured Mind-57 A Captured Mind-58 A Person, A Tit-2 electric Woman-1