Hailing from NYC, soon-to-be-known everywhere,
Caverns is a progressive pychadelic melodic rock
band pushing tons of harmonies and layers atop
multifaceted scripts.

Just when progressive rock seemed to be deluged with classics, Caverns rise up and challenge the genre
going for broke by pushing all of the stereotypes to

the next level. As far as legendary rock/psychedelic

bands such as Chili Peppers/Pink Floyd have come,
Caverns goes one step further, pushing the
limitations of their own unique brand of varied
musical styling not only with trippy riffs, smoothly

blended with lyrics that push you to another
dimension, but a tremendous amount of musicality to
radiate their messages of positivity to another

You can hear “Ten Feet Tall” from Caverns here:

Caverns debut EP “Tounche” has made significant 
impact even after only a few months since the release with already over 30,000 plays on Soundcloud.


During NYFW, Caverns added edginess to the pinache
of the Orchastra, led by Brian Newman on the
trumpet, during the Marc Jacobs runway show this
season at the Ziegeld theatre. Minutes before the
show, I sat down with the band on the
spectator-lined red carpet to learn more about this
band which i call “musically addictive.”

Nicola Wincenc – Guitar and Vocals.

Nick Katz – Bass and Vocals

Russell Holzman -Drums


How did you meet?

Nicola: We all are from muscian families, and went

to high school together in NYC. We started playing

together at the end of high school and the band

formed a couple years after that.

Where are you from in NYC?
Nicola: Katz and I are from the UWS, and Russell is

a good ol Bronx boy.

How has your music progressed?

Russell: It started out pyschodelic and now it’s
fucking Rock and Roll.

Who are your influences?

Katz: Rage Against the Machine, Chili Peppers, Pink

Floyd, Radiohead, Zepplen, old R&B. Really just all

the music that we know and love. We try to combine

them and the genuine excitment that the music gives

us in ways that we feel is interesting and

innovative and we try to push the envelope a little


Nicola: It’s about the music, not the show. I think

that all of us have grown up being surrounded by

good and bad music, and we finally found the

platform to get out all our fucking emotions.


As a model, Nicola, you walked a lot of shows this

season including Anna Sui. What do you feel are the

differences in the art form of Modeling/Creating

image versus Music/Creating sound?

Nicola: I feel that given the opportunity to play

during the Marc Jacobs show has, for me, bridged the

gap of what I’ve been doing and what I really love

to do. I appreciate creative designers and blending

the two–rocking out while looking good.

Do you feel that visually fashion plays an influence

while you perform?

Nicola: Totally. We all try to embody all types of

psychodelic vibes–super grungy to whatnot. Today we

are going to be dirty ass mutherfuckers in nice


Do you prefer East or West Coast shows?

Nicola: The West Coast is really great for people

who wana go out and listen to good music, but now

all this is happening on the East Coast which is

really good exposure for us, so I think it’ll be a

bit different when we go out West and come back to

the East.

The Marc Jacobs show should be incredible visually

and musically.

Nicola: Yes this is going to be awesome, a rock band

and a big Jazz band at the same time.

Russell: We are going to fuck that shit up.

Katz: Get ready for the bass baby.

Russell: And the rhythem section at the same time


Nicola: we are a 3 piece band with 18 other guys

standing next to us at the same time so we will see

how it goes.



Interview by:Roya Butler