Photo By: Eléonore Hendricks
N-A-R-C (New Age Real Challenge) is the latest project from singer songwriter Pepi Ginsberg and producer Martin Crane,  the heartfelt vocals tell a story of despaired and discontent love over a soft electro-pop melodic structure. After embarking in multiple musical adventures, trying out different bands and musical  projects. Pepi has now devoted her full attention to N-A-R-C, to fully embrace her vision of heartfelt simplicity. Today we have the new single ‘Loosie’, a very personal declaration form a  demure gentle soul aching to share it’s story through the sound waves of her own rhythm.
‘New Age Real  Challene’ is set to be released Feb 26th, “Loosie” being the second single.  And according to Ginsberg, “the project has always felt subtly magical, particularly charmed. I had a vision and something to say, it was perhaps more ambitious than my means, both financially and technologically, but I felt through the power of ingenuity and a little (or a lot) of sweat we could make it work.” Working with Studio Junbi creative directors Rodan Tekle and Kyunghee Jwa, who created the visuals for the project, Ginsberg and her team worked to make art that sounded like the music she was crafting: Fresh, feminine, and strong.
For more N-A-R-C, check out their music video for “Venus, Tx” and follow her on IG.