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I almost couldn’t contain my excitement while going through the closet of Theresa Dapra in her Brooklyn apartment / workspace. I met this babe 3 years ago through a cosmic turn of events that led us to now be close friends. Her style had always intrigued me. She mixed fetishism, minimal chic and club kid couture all into one. When walking into a room her outfit didn’t demand attention but instead earned it as she would make her way into the underbelly of a party. I’ve always been fascinated with the deep dark secrets hidden in gorgeous girls closets, and now I was about to have a proper show and tell. I was almost in a trance when she began opening doors, drawers and hat boxes to reveal fabulous masks, gloves, chokers, harnesses and accessories. The amount of work and detail put into each piece not only told the story of her passion for her craft but the careful and creative mind behind it. No wonder her pieces have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Sharon Needles. The girl has a gift.

“What I fetishize the most is creating characters through accessories.

Each piece I make, especially the masks, embody a feeling or personality I want to see materialized.

One of the motives is pure fantasy. It’s exceptionally liberating to surrender to yourself and abandon the pleasantries of your daily persona through costume. Here you can playfully explore your desires. It’s an escape and release.

The other drive is emotions. Building a collection from my current psychic state is tremendously cathartic. I make everything by hand and my energy transfers into each piece. It’s gratifying to transmit an emotion from my internal galaxy into a tangible item in the external realm.

Wearing my accessories helps me channel inner sentiments and makes me feel my interior/exterior are on equal plains. It’s important for me to feel I’m visually projecting my mood. Donning the chosen accessories illuminates this space for me, whether it’s to disguise or reveal a small piece of the depthless landscape. Perhaps wearing your heart on your sleeve is the greatest accessory” 

– Theresa

See more of Theresa Dapra’s work here : WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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Photos and words curtesy of: Veronica Gessa