The concept of this photo series, created by photographer Maria Dragan and stylist Roberta Juxon-Keen, plays with juxtaposition. Soft pastels with sharp monochrome, and masculine lines with feminine nuances create a fluidly that references what is happening in fashion and culture now. Shot in and around old castle grounds, they combined rustic settings with modern content. Maria Dragan is a photographer currently living in Exeter, UK. Years ago she used to work as a tv reporter for national news in Transylvania. After getting fed up with the negativity in the industry she decided to take the plunge making stories with no words, but just concepts and light: images that can talk. When doing Fashion she spends as much time looking for the right light to match the energy (she’s a bit of a compulsive perfectionist sometimes), as she spends to find out what the team, and especially models are feeling and want to express or add to the shoot.

She submitted this monochrome inspired editorial exclusive for Nakid.

See more of Maria Dragan’s work here: INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK


Model: Gabriella Drake

MUA: Zoe Szypillo

Styling: Roberta Juxon-Keen

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