Brittany Brooks is the youngest of 11 siblings and was born in Asuncion, Paraguay. Being the youngest she has discovered how fascinating it is to observe those around her, their growth, change and struggles. Her family and her lived in Namibia, Africa for a few years during her youth where they traveled to the southern countries of Africa, visiting villages and providing aid to the people living in impoverished conditions. She attended primary school through college in Atlanta, Georgia and have since moved to Los Angeles, where she is trying to gain ground as an artist. Experiencing vastly different cultures in such a large family has empowered her to find her voice and discovery through writing and photography.

She sent us this series of photos she has recently taken as part of a personal project she is working on. This is one setting  of a larger piece that she hopes to achieve. It is an ongoing documentation of twins–changing environments and living life side by side yet having two completely different experiences/perceptions. The conflict of togetherness and fear of separation/individualization. The twins are her sisters, actually. The subject of twins has always been curious ground for her, given her close experience of having twins in her family. They are almost exactly ten years a part and look the most alike out of all their siblings (people think they are triplets). They are constantly compared which is kind of humorous, given their age difference and the fact that they should be regarded and compared as a pair. They are so much the same yet complete opposites.She wants to capture that polarity, how it shifts and blends And where she finds herself in the middle, a mix of them both.


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