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Photography – Heather Reese

Model – Perri Starkey (LA Models)

What drove you to photography as an art form? 

Nothing felt right until I began shooting. It took me a long time to get here. I saw that things needed to change with the way we viewed women. I consider myself apart of a transitional generation where we are embracing the mental and physical changes girls experience between the ages of 14-21. I am so excited to be apart of documenting that vulnerable time in a girl’s life. I want to continue pushing the boundaries of what was once considered inappropriate. A girls’ sexual awakening is a magnificent thing and is something to be celebrated.

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What’s your favorite camera setup? Do you prefer film or digital? 

I actually love to shoot with old digital cameras combined with my canon 600ex-rt speed light. I use a Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx3, Canon 6g, and Leica d-lux3. I still prefer film over digital any day though!

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What is your stance on modern femininity, and how do you hope to convey this in your work?

I think like any controversial topic in society, there are misconceptions about what feminism truly represents. Its not a platform to tear down men, or criticize anyone who challenges our ideals. Its about educating not only men, but women about what it means to survive as an identified women in this world. Feminism means embracing all sexual orientation in which we uplift both men and women and promote equality. I love that women are being recognized as human beings instead of “products” in the fashion world. We care about who these women are as individuals. We are embracing a generation that accepts the true form of a women and celebrates her physical imperfections. This idea of sexuality that has been created by men is being thrown out and replaced. Now, authentic and raw depictions of women are being highlighted in the fashion world.

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Do you travel for your work? What place inspires you the most?

I love to travel for work. Sao Paulo, Brazil is my favorite place of all time! I’m inspired by the architecture, the music, the people, the art….everything! I am the best version of myself in South America.

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Your work has a lovely vintage feel. How did you develop this style?

I have always been inspired by vintage fabrics and interior design. There is a certain aspect of the Victorian era I feel we are embracing in collaboration with modern fashion and it is taking the fashion world to the next level. I am always looking for contradictory elements in my work. I love to combine decadent architecture with a minimalistic approach to styling with my models.

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Who would you work with in your most outrageous dream shoot?

Female: Molly Goddard – she’s my all time favorite designer. Her designs and aesthetic are breathtaking and unique and she’s an all around amazing woman. Her work has played such a huge role in inspiring my photography. I’m basically in love with her.

Male: Evan Peters – My favorite actor on the planet. He’s brilliant. The end.

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Any advice for fellow photographers?

Stop being so caught up in what every other photographer is doing. It’s a dangerous path to go down. Find different artistic outlets to explore like architecture, paintings, music, and design. You were born with the gift of viewing the world conceptually. Create work that allows your viewer to see inside your mind. You were born with a unique vision. I love what I do, but I am always in shock anytime I hear that people love my work. I think as an artist this self doubt will be apart of who you are for the rest of your life, but it is also the thing that will push you to continue evolving and creating!

Photography by Heather Reese

Model – Perri Starkey (LA Models)