It’s New York Fashion Week FW16 which means beautiful people, beautiful clothes, parties and all the amazing behind the scenes photos showing you how it all comes to life. This year photographer and art director Charis Kirchheimer of NAKID got the chance to go behind the scenes of Ryan Roche‘s show this year during NYFW, it was one hell of a show not to mention this years designs took our breathe away. Check out the documented madness of fashion week cloaked in the beauty of Ryan Roche!

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_MG_9810 _MG_9812 _MG_9813 2016-02-13 12.04.36 _MG_9814 _MG_9820 _MG_9828 _MG_9833 _MG_9836 2016-02-13 13.47.54 _MG_9830 _MG_9844 2016-02-13 13.27.25 _MG_9853 2016-02-13 13.45.36 _MG_9856 2016-02-13 13.04.52 _MG_9862 2016-02-13 13.21.33 _MG_9869 2016-02-13 13.23.56 _MG_9893 _MG_9855 2016-02-13 13.51.14 _MG_9872 _MG_9877 2016-02-13 13.41.58 _MG_9881 _MG_9897 _MG_9899 2016-02-13 13.46.12 _MG_9901 _MG_9848