Under The Skin is the third film by Director Jonathan Glazer and it’s one hell of an art piece – definitely one of a kind. The general synopsis is as follows: An extraterrestrial (Scarlett Johansson), assumes the form of a human female and drives around Scotland in order to lure unsuspecting men into her van.

But it’s more than that.


Under The Skin
is visionary, thought provoking, and hauntingly beautiful. Scarlett Johansson’s performance in this film is perhaps her best to date. The beautiful cinematography, Scarlett Johannson, and the score by Mica Levi(Micachu) come together harmoniously to create this strange exploration of what it means to be human.

This film literally gets under your skin and leaves you wondering “What the hell just happened?” and it sticks around for a long time.


Side note:If you’re a music fan and feel like you’ve seen elements like this before, you’d be right. This film was the main inspiration for FKA Twigs’ video “M3LL155X” – Twigs replicates scenes in the film but you can’t beat the original.

Watch the trailer here:

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