When we asked Ben Moore to describe to us his style and how he see’s his subjects and craft he said, “what is the ultimate aim of taking a photo… just a single photo….? For me it to capture someone’s personality, and beyond that their emotions and their feelings… even their fears.”
Photographing someone in their own private space, surrounded by their possessions – things they know and love… you become part of their lives in an intimate way, that’s the belief that photographer Ben Moore lives by as an artist. To capture those moments is a beautiful thing and where he is most comfortable, documenting the in’s and outs of moments usually hidden from the rest of the world. “To give those moments to that person is a beautiful thing.” he says, “To see those moments placed side by side as a story is to peer into someones life in a way no on else can.”. Teamed up with model Ausrine Grikauskaite known as Olivia, Moore and and herself secluded themselves to an apartment and let the flood of intimate idiosincrisies begin in this exclusive editorial for NAKID.

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