Kiss Land Volume 2 Title Design

 Mr. Iozo (b.1992) is a published New York based fine art/conceptual photographer & visual artist. His inspiration draws from an intertwined narrative between film, music and the human condition. He creates cinematic imagery that is prominently incited by the works of Stanley Kubrick, Romain Gavras, Ridley Scott and Cindy Sherman. His critically acclaimed published photographs have been noted for his dark realism, detailed set design and evocative use of sexuality – he was also one of our featured editorials in ISSUE III: FALL 2015.

These images he submitted for us here at NAKID are part of a series entitled “Kiss Land: Vol. II“, It was shot in one month across New York City, the series was heavily inspired by Neo-Noir Films for lighting and setting, as well as music by The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Kanye West and Michael Jackson for the sexual tone in them… think of it as a la Sin City story/visuals.

See more of Mr. Iozo’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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