CARLY_shawnhanna-1764Hanna & Foulkes is the collaborative effort of NY/LA-based artists Shawn Hanna and Carly Foulkes. Upon meeting in 2013, the pair found in each other a partner, collaborator, and a muse. They have since maintained an atmosphere of prolific innovation, and a body of work that continues to grow in its distinction and quality. The duo’s process is relaxed, making room for the quirky, whimsical, and candid to emerge. This open approach results in art that is remarkably honest and introspective. And while play is a core component of their technique, the two are earnest in their endeavor to craft an end result that is simple and refined.

This editorial they submitted to us here at NAKID is a brief study in the zen art of flower arrangement, without the sensorial distraction of censorship. Who needs clothing when you have Petunia? But who is Petunia? SHE certainly isn’t.

See more of Hanna & Foulkes’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM


Photography / art direction :Shawn Hanna  Model / art direction : Carly FoulkesCARLY_shawnhanna-1768 CARLY_shawnhanna-1775 CARLY_shawnhanna-1785 CARLY_shawnhanna-1791 CARLY_shawnhanna-1802 CARLY_shawnhanna-1806 CARLY_shawnhanna-1814 CARLY_shawnhanna-1817 CARLY_shawnhanna-1820 CARLY_shawnhanna-1822 CARLY_shawnhanna-1836 CARLY_shawnhanna-1860 CARLY_shawnhanna-1865 CARLY_shawnhanna-1869 CARLY_shawnhanna-1881 CARLY_shawnhanna-1895 CARLY_shawnhanna-1897 CARLY_shawnhanna-1908 CARLY_shawnhanna-1910 CARLY_shawnhanna-1916 CARLY_shawnhanna-1924 CARLY_shawnhanna-1932 CARLY_shawnhanna-1941 CARLY_shawnhanna-1969