Joni Payne is the newest sweetheart singer from the west coast, her seductive vocals will hypnotize you into submission. Her vibe is simplistic and very genuine – no need for crazy hooks or dramatic drops. Her wavy melodies matched with the wisper-like vocals will caress your attention and it will make you believe every word she says. Her newest single ‘Hold yah’ is making rounds around hype machine and other blogs. It’s a provocative oath for the perfect Netflix and chill session.
joni 3
 Joni told Nakid Magazine “I wrote this song a week or 2 ago with Mike Derenzo. I was sick for a little bit over the holidays and listening to a lot of Warren G and Nate Dogg to make me feel better. (haha random remedy, I know, but i’ve been hooked since I saw Dj Quik & Warren G in concert). So I took those vibes with me into the studio the first day I was feeling well enough to record and we spent the afternoon making this song. The lyrics are really simple, they’re the things I would want somebody to say to me while I’m feeling under the weather or just low. For the past few months I’ve been working on a mixtape/ep with Duncan Dickerson that will be released in March, but Mike and I loved the vibes of this song and decided to put it out as a single in time for Valentines Day. 
“And if you want, I’ll even hold ya.” 
joni 2
But really my favorite track thus far by the LA based vocalist is ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart’, it’s a modern, soulful and jazz like track with a melancholic tune. That organ sound just haunts my dreams.

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