Photographer Heather Reese is working on a series of 7 fine art videos over the next couple months called “Opulent Chaos.” She is working with some incredible mixed media painters, models, and female poets whose lyrics will be used as audio to embody the driving force of feminism. Heather is going to focus on exploring the heavy political and social change happening in our world.

“I am not the kind of person who is going to shove my political ideals down your throat! I especially don’t want to be apart of this fucked up media propaganda used solely to distract people from real issues. I want to use my art to educate my generation.”

Introducing the first of the series, “Even a Bitch has Teeth,” featuring Kayla Selene. The video was shot at the Bemis Art Studios in downtown Seattle and featured art by social and political activist painter Aaron Morgan. The video features makeup by Lis Krebs and clothes designed by Petit Pois. See the full video below!



Do want me soft willed and obedient?
Do you believe I will learn to love the cage?
Do you think I am a dog to command to sit, to come, to stay?
You think your words leave me powerless
But I laugh at your stupidity. You’re weak.
I want to be all things,
Not just the possibilities that exist for me in your world of black and white
I want be someone else,
I want to be myself.
A painter, a light, an introvert, an actress.
Younger, older, invisible, grotesque, beautiful.
I want to be all the things
My world is grey.
A world where I make my own rules
So from one dog to another
Even a bitch has teeth

Watch me use them