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P∆WRLSKLL∆†R (pronounced paw-rel-skull-a-tor) is a self-titled EP that was released last week by Brisbane-based brothers/producers, Maxwell and Joshua Dunn. The portmanteau name is a combination of their individual projects and personalities, which led to the development of a hip-hop inspired EP that works through your mind like a relaxant.

The wonderful thing about the songs in this record is that they’re sound collages. Samples are resurrected as parts of a new whole. For example, Marianne Moore used several external quotations in the span of her free verse in the poems “Marriage” and “An Octopus.” And although her choice of quotations were for the intent of mockery or irony, the fascinating thing was that they muddled the chance of the reader finding a primary speaker. Likewise, these sound collages don’t speak directly to you but branch out to fill every groove of your brain.

The EP’s collaborative production began with Maxwell’s construction of the “bones of the songs,” with instrument hits and synth sounds, which was then fleshed out by Joshua with his style of arrangement and inclusion of a cappellas and other “nostalgic” samples “to push the songs along.” However, making an EP under the combined P∆WRLSKLL∆†0R for the first time was “more of an experiment.”

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Joshua plays guitar in the band BIG DEAD and has project called P∆WRLSOL “which is very interesting, and somewhat dark,” and Maxwell’s project, ESKULL∆†0R, “is more or less the beats you are hearing on the EP.” The brothers are also part of Mascon Echoes—”a consort of producers in Brisbane”—which intends to release a small compilation Mascon Flips 50 Cent in March. “Everyone had a go, so it’s nice to hear everyone’s vibe.”

In light of the Mascon Echoes project(s), P∆WRLSKLL∆†0R might take a back seat, but Joshua and Maxwell will continue to be “surrounded by each other’s music.”

Listen to their EP below:




Photos via Mascon Echoes (@masconechoes) and Griffin (@yourparentssextapes)

Written by Katrina Wong