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 Fanny Dussol is a fashion and beauty photographer for several years now in Paris. She is an over-achiever who can’t seem to stop evolving in the fashion world. As a true perfectionist, she is strict artistically and creatively and she does whatever it takes to deliver satisfaction on each one of her jobs. She submitted this story editorial about a young woman that works as psychiatrist and is passionate about art. Staging fashion and strange at her workplace. Inspired by the style from the 70’s.

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Photographer : Fanny Dussol
Model : Pauline at OUI Management
Make up/hair : Alexandra Delvallé
Stylist : Sophie Ostrowska Fanny Dussol-2 Fanny Dussol-3 Fanny Dussol-4 Fanny Dussol-5 Fanny Dussol-6 Fanny Dussol-7 Fanny Dussol-8