69 million of stars flying towards the south.
You and me gold covered from the suns mouth.
Pale as moonlight shining against the blue
above, I hold my heart inside of you. Kentucky
derby, and the late night show. Trailer park
and beaches is all we know. I can run forever
so we can be alone. And they said there was
no love like this; I gave you everything and
my pretend wedding ring. Now give me the bright
lights, and Vegas high-rises. Leave me breathless
in lust; A kiss to paralyze. My high self esteem,
opal silver scream. For their eyes on fire with
dead beauty queens. We lined in desire by our
flames ice blue, trash mansion plastic wrapped
candy pink too. Here I learned voodoo, got a
black cat for me and you. 33 diamonds on a black
kitty burning. There Los Angeles was crying in
sunsets pastels for us to return.

by: Vanessa Matic