Will and Joan are a team of 2 photographers and they met in photography school and felt in love, they complement each-other. Will is fond of light and Joan is more about creativity. The union of Will technical skills and the creative madness of Joan creates their communal universe. Léna is their muse, but not only is she their friend and a part of their creation. They consult her about work and her advice is always relevant. They love to work with her because, more than her beauty, she is involved and creative.

Lena is dancing, Lena is in a trance. She closes her eyes in this hypnotic dance. Her body is a wave, moving and elusive. Its trace delights us, it leaves an enchanting reminiscence on our retina as much as that of the camera. She is the feminine force, our children and our elderly. Lena is the youth intoxicated, she perpetrated the tradition, she is poetry incarnate.

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Team Credits:
Photographers : Will and Joan
DA : Jeanne Ménétrier
Model : Léna Boreux02 002 003 0003 004