So tell us who is chung cvrtier?

CC: Chung Cvrtier is a mix between a “hippy” & a rapper .. A stoner who expresses his thoughts over heavy 808 drum pads & Street Artsy Videos.

Tell me more about your start in music, what is your vibe?

CC: My start in music came late .. I was 17 maybe 18 when I recorded my 1st record in my boy living room.. I was into the latest trends in music & clothing so I heated that energy towards music.

What people may not know about you although you havent been on tour in the states you already done a European tour with michael grabriel a super big artist in Finland. Tell me about your experience?

CC: Yea man… super blessed to have worked on & been apart of a dope record with my bro Mike called “Midist” ..’and the record basically is sayin we don’t give a fuck .. We them new kids around n shit ..fuck wit us or get rolled over .. Lol .. That lead to me touring doing venues infront of 10k , 25k & even 30k+ .. Most I learned out of that was stage presence & fan interaction. 

 I see you are always grinding and pushing if not with music with your NTN urban apparel brand which seems to be taking off. Tell us a lil more about it.

CC: I always been into fashion n shit .. Flyy shit only tho.. So I wanted 2 launch a Merch line that was light , easy & to the point..I’m into outerwear so I thought light nylon jackets would be dope .. & dad hats are always trendy .. Excited to see where it will lead me.

You just released your new video for your new single “YOU SEE ME” which you are premiering with us here at NAKID. what was your inspiration behind it all?

CC: The movie “Gone in 60 secs” was my inspiration for the treatment .. I always wanted to race a car down the LA river .. What better car than A 2016 G63 with Forgiato kit ? Lol .. I also wanna give the ppl more of me and my life .. I plan on dropping a series of videos leading up to my Debut Ep ” BLK TRIAD”

What is Next for Chung Cvrtier?

CC: Next is to start touring here in the states & producing more Merch & a larger variety .. I also plan on shooting the intro to My Ep In London …Keep Your eyes on me cause you never know What I’ll be up to next.

See more of Chung Cvrtier’s work here: INSTAGRAM

Photos and interview by: Charis Kirchheimer