This year we wanted to do something special for the ATX music festival, so we teamed up with some awesome friends of ours at +PRIME+ and HESTIA to put together one of the most badass house party showcases ever, NAKID HOUSE! You know, those parties you randomly ended up at during high school that were entire houses packed to the walls, tons of alcohol, mischief, bands playing in the living room or backyard and night you’d never forget. Jay Fresh + JusStone, French 75, Ishi, Kaixen, Blue, The Misfit and Bronze Whale dawned our neon lit room in what’s called the ‘Trap Castle’ hidden on 9th Street in Austin, St. From start to finish the party was packed, cultivating some of the most talented industry people all in once place to mingle, party and see some of the most dope music we think is out there right now.

This is just the beginning of our music showcase partnership with PRIME and HESTIA as well as our new showcase, NAKID HOUSE! Huge shout out to this years sponsors:  Titos Vodka, Tiger Beer, Hestia Tobacco & Aircom Audio!

Check out all the craziness captured by photographer Charis Kirchheimer during the event!  See you next year!

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