Raul Smith is a self-taught photographer, in his personal projects he prefers to work with his 35mm film cameras or polaroids – he likes to think that his style of work comes and is headed to that kind of aesthetic; a few shots, grainy, gritty, and very little editing. He’s known Mariana for quite a while now, a couple months ago he found himself in the same place as her, and he knew for a fact that being the creative mind that she is, she is always open to get it going. He messaged her to catch up and get a drink or maybe do a quick shoot. She was obviously up to it and this is a part of the result.

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come-over_by_raulsmith_3 come-over_by_raulsmith_2 (pola)come-over_by_raulsmith-2 come-over_by_raulsmith_1 (pola)come-over_by_raulsmith-1 come-over_by_raulsmith_6 come-over_by_raulsmith_7