JJ Landscape
Juke Jaxon is an up and coming duo based in London. With a very mellow soul and heartfelt vocals, this group reminds us of Noel’s ‘High Flying Birds’ or even a young Miles Kane. Their single ‘Memory Man’ is a silky treat for the feel good indie-soul enthusiast. This track is a perfect tune for one of those rainy nights of reflection.
According to the duo “Memory Man is a personification of how much our lives can be effected/influenced by just a singular person. Being that the lyrics are quite personal, we wanted the video to captivate that in the best way possible. We created a concept and pitched it out to a bunch of directors, and we loved the approach Lukasz came back with. He delivered a great concept with a few twists that allows the viewer to perceive it how they wish. In the video we follow the story of an older character who we learn is an assassin. He takes a young lad under his wing and trains him to be an assassin himself. The older character plants a seed for his future courage.”


The director responsible for achieving such vibe is Lukasz Pytilk. In the dark streets of London, the two characters share their experience from the present to the past in a series of flashbacks that shows a life-long sense of regret and despair from the younger character, symbolized by the older character or the ‘Memory Man’. Follow these two for more indie-soul goods in the future.

Memory Man (Juke Jaxon PRESS SHOT)