Live performances are something we value dearly when hearing new music for the first time, and when its accompanied with the right aesthetics it can really hit the spot for us. Danish producer SLOWOLF teamed up with vocalist Kimbra for a live performance video for their new collaboration ‘White Feathers’. Like a mystic Black and White LA 60’s dream, the couple sat down a mic and a drum machine in the middle of an abandoned hippie commune, filled old cars and school busses in the middle of LA mountains in the background, the two just went at it and sang their hearts out. The connection between these two is unreal, as Kimbra mentions:

‘I connected with SLOWOLF after he remixed a track for me called ‘Goldmine’. I loved his use of organic instrumentation matched with the electronic elements like heavy drops and cut-up, out-of-the-box groove approaches. It’s been great to collaborate on this track (which we did from separate countries!) and to then explore the song in a live context together where it took on a different life. The song to me is about courage and rising from the ashes after times of pain.’


The track is inspired by the producer’s son who has Down Syndrome. During the time of the shoot, the little brave one was going through some intensive care, so it must have been a very hard time for the producer. Yet, the music video is full of intensity, heartfelt movements that coordinated so strongly with the energy of the track, and over all a very chill vibe one should get to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon.

The White Feathers EP is out on May 6th and according to SLOWOLF it will showcase his work at his most focused and adventurous, seamlessly weaving all of SLOWOLF’s hip hop, jazz, R&B and grime influences together in one wonderful mix. Tracks are distinct, but the EP is firmly held together with SLOWOLF’s unique and stylist sonic vision featuring a variety of soon to be announced artists, ranging from high profile US vocalists to MCs making a splash in the UK Grime scene. Further tracks and info about the EP will be announced shortly.