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Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Florida-based artists-to-watch Veronica Gessa & Michael O’Hara invited Nakid Magazine in on an exclusive slumber party interview after a wild night. Returning from one of the trashiest strip clubs in Florida,(accompanied by 3-way lap dance ring leader and cuddle daddy, Sean Zametz) both Gessa & O’Hara were really in the mood to get NAKID. Shot by the artists themselves, Gessa & O’Hara talk music, art, fashion, crushes, and all the gossip. This is 1-800-PILLOW-TALK.

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Where did you just come from? 

MO: Last time I checked, I was just cupping the biggest Venezuelan ass I have ever seen. We have just returned from Cheetah Lounge, a staple strip-club in Sarasota, Florida.

VG: I’m pretty sure that was my first triple lap dance ever.

Describe your aesthetic

MO: My aesthetic is pretty in pink, virginity, purity.

VG: Low-fi tropical realness, punk sub culture, anything analog, the internet

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

MO: Young Marlon Brando… daddy.

VG: Bill Murray at any age… call me!

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Locked out & completely NAKID, what’s one article of clothing you need to have?

MO: My white over-sized tee, for sure.

VG: Leather Jacket for sure

What’s your favorite slumber party junk food?

MO: Pepperoni pizza all day… classic slumber party eats!

VG: I want Pizza right now! It’s def pizza and I’m super into Cheezits at the moment.

What’s your favorite song to cuddle to?

MO: Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz: The Girl from Ipanema

VG: The Preature’s Is This How You Feel? Classixx Remix

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Lost in a time-warp, what era would you most likely be trapped in?

MO: I would probably be stuck in the French Revolution… I would totally be an Aristocrat.

VG: Baroque period all for the art, style and parties.

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Describe your dream date?

MO: My dream date would consist of a drive-in movie theater make out session… popcorn, extra butter. Cherry coke.

VG: Cooking a meal together listening to our favorite records then watching a film. Fuck, am I a home body at heart?

One makeup item you can’t live without?

MO: Recently, I cannot live without lip gloss. (Shoutout to Kylie Jenner).

VG: Chanel Eyebrow Pencil and Stila Liquid Liner Pen THANK YOU MAKEUP GODZ.

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