Damien elroy Vignaux +Jacqueline Vignaux are Maison VIGNAUX, a multi-platform creative studio developping content in film, photography, illustration and animation for fashion and brands. Recent clients include Nokia, Adidas, L’oréal, YSL, Microsoft.  They went to Cape town and submitted this beautiful work they’ve created exclusively for us here at NAKID.

After a week shooting there we already got tired of the commercial sunny vibe making pictures on beautiful beaches and we tried to figure out something completely different. This serie is inspired by the rough rocky surroundings and cold waters, where collage creates surreal lunar lanscapes mixing Hanna’s body lines with the textures of sand and rocks around. Hanna has a very interesting way to pose that is far from catalogue’s clichés, she gives this set more edge and we couldnt be happier with the results.”

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Model : Hanna MaisonVignaux_Hannah_collages_02 MaisonVignaux_Hannah_collages_03 MaisonVignaux_Hannah_collages_04 MaisonVignaux_Hannah_collages_05 MaisonVignaux_Hannah_collages_06 MaisonVignaux_Hannah_collages_07 MaisonVignaux_Hannah_collages_08 MaisonVignaux_Hannah_collages_09