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Chris Boyko is an artist with a growing reputation in Atlanta, he has exhibited his work at Mason Fine Art, Kibbee Gallery and The Art of Touch. He is also active in numerous charities art auctions within his community.

With each painting, I unveil the hidden reality within the mind. The subconscious is constructed like a giant web, which as a whole creates an individual. If one were to examine each individual piece, they would realize it’s composed of multiple ideas, memories and feelings which are constantly shifting. It’s this shift within our subconscious that changes our perception of reality. It’s why each of us can respond differently to a situations. Using automatic painting techniques, my mind enters a meditative state. As I begin to follow the strings of the subconscious web, the organic forms develop within the painting. One form leads to another, like a trail of thoughts. It’s as if my mind and the paint are in sync with each other. It becomes a very sexual process. As I explore my own mind, gaining an understanding of myself; I’m also gaining an understanding of the forms. There’s a certain romantic chemistry with each painting.”

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