Dan Bannino is an Italian-born photographer, he likes to translate ideas into images. He has gained international recognition with his photos and has been published internationally in a variety of magazines.

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I always start a new series with the aim of telling a story. It’s not just a story that I find interesting or that I think could be easily “shared” because of its topic and content. I like to tell stories I have in my mind that are somehow bringing imagination to life, and I always try to talk about something that I really like and that interests me.
Noir Stills is a work inspired by 1940s-60s great noir movies’ directors (especially Carol Reed and Alfred Hitchcock); I am an avid crime stories’ reader and I wanted to create a series that could be an homage to this word. I’ve developed these shootings with the aim of making the public an eyewitness to my narrative. I didn’t want to define viewers’ thoughts with a plot or a storyline, but at the contrary I wanted to leave them freedom to create their own ideas, without influencing the feelings an image could give. As you’ve probably noticed, the pictures are arranged in a sort of chronological order on my website, since I actually have a story to tell behind them, but as previously stated I didn’t want to influence the viewers with “my” version.
Talking about the technical part, the colour palette is dark and rich in tones, something I always define before I work on each image. I also didn’t want to use any “gruesome” detail, like blood, weapons or wounds, since I wanted to create the feeling of “something is wrong” without using visible crime clues. I also use to spend hours in finding the right lighting set up, trying to highlight some elements of the frame over others. Lights and the research of a rich composition are part of my style.

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