Wanna be a part of one of the fastest growing independent magazines in the U.S. or better yet soon to be the world? Who the fuck doesn’t?! Well we have news for all of you aspiring to create and be a part of something amazing.  We wanna give you the chance to join the NAKID Team and help curate the stories we tell, the artists we feature, the places we go and what we do next! We are currently looking for Summer interns around the San Diego and LA area as well as new contributors from around the world!

Some of the things we look for in a contributor/intern is determination, personality and creative thinking – initiative to go after new ideas, new artists, new directions that can help not only the magazine but the team. We wanna unleash you with our resources to get out there and find the amazing things around you and your city as well as the badass artists and people shaping the art and creative scenes that deserve to be seen, heard and known. We love the odd, out there, non-mainstream, it drives us to be forward thinking and open to new things that may be the next artistic revolution!

Please fill out this questionnaire and submit to the email below and send with our resume and examples of your work if you are a writer/photographer/etc!  That’s it! We will then review all of our entries and get back to you by June 1st!  Good Luck!

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Nakid Questionnaire – (copy + paste into email submission with resume and samples of work)



Today’s Date:

Where do you live?

Favorite artist(s):

Number of hours per week you can dedicate to Nakid:

What unique aspects of your city are you interested in exploring / exposing for Nakid?

What can you contribute to Nakid? What skill sets do you want to use?

(Examples: photography, music events, social media, writing, managing submissions, finding talent, features, interviews on artists, festivals, art fairs, stories, etc.)

What would you do if you were given 6 months to live?

What is your biggest dream that you would like to accomplish in this lifetime?

If you had (or have) an alter ego persona, what would it be?

Are you a height, tits or ass person (if not listed then tell us anyway, we tried to pick three things all of our sexualities could be all about without resorting to our crotches or body image shit?

Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you!


Print Name

__________________________      ____________

Signature                                                          Date


* Disclaimer, verification of age will be required + NDA upon acceptance or hiring.


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