Nostalgic black-mini-issue-2016

As many of our readers know we do mini 5×8″ issues that are submission based and themed to give our readers and submissions artists a chance to be published and each time we do it, it even better than the last. Our first was DICKS, then NARCISSISM, and now we are excited to announce the NAKID MAGAZINE – MINI-ISSUE: NOSTALGIC BLACK issue!

We invite artists from around the world to submit to us their interpretation of nostalgia in a vintage black and white mood/setting. The works must look vintage or presented in a raw old look with a black and white only color scheme. The issue will feature one artist per 2 pages, two images/works per artist culminating in a curated collection of our third mini-issue to date. This 5.8 x 8.3 inch miniature book is an ongoing special edition publication that features themed ideas open to interpretation and intended to be thought-provoking and collector pieces. Anyone can submit and you can submit up to ( 5 ) images, but only two images will be picked to be featured. We may not pick every submission and anyone that does submit will have a deadline of JUNE 3rd, 2016 to email it in to ( ) according to our submission guidelines at the link below! Any submission not submitted to those standards will be denied; once submitted if your photos/artworks are chosen then you will be notified by June 6th, five days before the release date of June 17th, 2016!

Read the RULES & GUIDELINES for submitting here:  SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED!