An artist born and raised in Hollywood., Reena has been a fan of NAKID she admits, for some time and has been wanting to do an editorial for us – this exclusive series of her mixed media paintings are a culmination of inspiration and her talent, they turned out fucking amazing! The Joker piece is actually up on
display at the Stone Malone Gallery (7619 1/2 Melrose Ave.) If you’d like to go and check it out! Closing night will be May 22nd – Reena will also be having a solo art show in September from her collection of “1990’s Icons Who Have Passed Away”. It’s sure to be badass and memorable, so go!

Besides painting, Reena acts and sings. she’ll even be coming out with a music video called ” SHOPARAZZI” in a couple weeks that we can’t wait to see! 

See more of her work and keep up with Reena here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE


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