Its been a great music in music, its been a great year in music as a whole. So many major releases form giants of the industry, so many newcomers upping the game. And now Gucci Mane is out of prison, so expect a fire mixtape to come out of that. This week, PartyNextDoor got two different remixes of his hit, Die Antwood sings about Bum Sex with the help of some Spanish erotica, Kanye West gives you great advise with a Chipotle analogy and Sampha delivers yet another dreamy haunting track.


Come and See Badu – Erykah Badu \ PartyNextDoor Remix

Anything Badu puts her hands into turns into instant gold, this is no different. Already a great heartfelt track to dedicate to those fuckkboys who tend to play games with your heart, but you still want to stick around. Its a struggle and this remix is just perfect to reflect on that.


The second remix of this song comes from SZA, and it take a sexier note. Its more dirty, more specific but absolutely gorgeous. Wait till the end is worth i.

BUM BUM – Die Antwood feat GOD

Who is one to judge? Its 2016 and Bum Sex is a thing to brag about. Even better when you are Die Antwood’s Ninja talking about Butts in a song, it becomes an instant classic. With the help of some Rock en Espanol vocalist and a very erotic Spanish voice saying what can translate to ‘Fuck me Ninja… wherever you like. Even in my Bum’ this track is a classic in multiple languages and we are ok with that.


A Ruin – Kauf

Perhaps the most experimental track of the bunch, or of a very long time for that matter. This track is almost three different songs mixed into one, like a story with a beginning a climax and a conclusion. It keeps you on the edge of your seat all through, and with the releases of Radiohead and James Blake this month, you would think you’d had enough of experimental rock for now. But Kauf is here demanding to be taken serious with this emotional track.

Timmy’s Prayer – SAMPHA feat Bobby X Steev

This will hunt your dreams, is great to hear back from Sampha and this collaboration is everything we needed. Its a poetic love story told beautifully by Sampha’s phenomenal vocals.


THat Part – Schoolboy Q fear Kanye West

”Beggers can’t be choosers. Bitch this ain’t Chipotle” Kanye West on That Part

Girls – AREA21

Is not like you needed another reason to party, but ‘Girls’ will most likely make you want to drop what you are doing and go to the strip club. Shots, strippers and party… Its a weekend anthem.

Lite Spots – Kaytranada

With 99.9% Kaytranada just proved to be producer to watch of 2016. He does not need major Future or Kanye Collabs to stand out. His individuality is something to be appreciated by producers all around the glove and Lite Spots is a taste of his creative mindset. His disco and funk influences make for the perfect dance session.


Heroin – Kwesi Foraes

Kewsi Foraes has a very unique talent, one of those you rarely see in each generation. His vocals and lyrica style are a conjunction that will hit you right in the feels. This track is as addicting and dark as the name of it. But it is all worth it.

Salomon Faye – Sexual Kung Fu

If Odd Future were to be writing love or sex songs, it would sound something like this. Gladly we have Salomon Faye to take care of that dark fantasy for you.