Fiercedad, a combination of and the brainchild of techno/electro Los Angeles DJ/Producer Chad Fjerstad, who is also the owner of the multimedia production house Ephemerol Night Terrors.  Fjerstad, who has released music from Geneva Jacuzzi, various musical endeavors of his own, and fictional literature seems to have found his calling in Fiercedad – a hard hitting techno pulse driven amalgam of everything that is Fjerstad. 2016 may have just begun but he has already made his mark by way of a music video directing/editing binge, releasing crafty videos for L.A. groups such as Egrets on Ergot, Ass Life, Moderns, Rejecter, and his own debut Fiercedad video, amongst others. Yep, it’s pretty clear not only is Fiercedad on its way to kicking ass in every club from here to Ibiza, but Chad himself is an all around badass. Fjerstad teamed up with Londry as Director of Photography and production as well as Andrew Means creating all the amazing background graphics. His leading ladies kicking his ass the entire video stars Giavonna Brascia, Colby Kline, Lauren WK, and Erin Johnson who’s combined performance creates a lust driven dynamic between them. So, without further ado, NAKID is pleased to present “PORTLAND FUCKBOYS” by FIERCEDAD.

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CREDITS: “Portland Fuckboys” by Fiercedad
Directed and edited by : Chad Fjerstad
Produced by: Chad Fjerstad & Londry
Director of Photography: Londry
Background graphics by: Andrew Means
Featuring: Giavonna Brascia, Colby Kline, Lauren WK, and Erin Johnson

Digital version of “Portland Fuckboys” for purchase:  HERE

See and hear more of FIERCEDAD’s music, art and videos here:  WEBSITE / FACEBOOK

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Chad Fjerstad