This week absolutely belongs to Hip-hop – Pusha T and Jay Z made the Damn Daniel reference in a cocaine rap, but only for Tidal heads. Travis Scott is trying to release music but his label wont let him and Kanye West revisits Cruel Winter with the help of pretty much everyone that is hot right now. Without taking much more of your time here are the best tracks of the first week of June.

Travis Scott feat Young Thug and Quavo  – Pick Up the Phone


The track is not yet available anywhere but in WorldStar and even then it might be taken down due to label complications. Travis expressed his distress on twitter saying ”They might take this down because they dont want the kids to eat“. For now lets enjoy this version, Travis and Young Thug are always a great match, ever since ‘Maria Im Drunk‘, I’ve never doubted this duo. ‘Pick Up the Phone‘ it’s smooth, the Caribbean sounds in the background give the track a very ambient feeling and the lyrics are a bit thirsty but we all been there. Track is lit

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.35.47 PM


Flume feat Vic Mensa – Loose it


We were certainly hoping that Flume’s experimenting with the Hip-Hop culture was not done after the Vince Staple’s collab. Then ‘Loose it‘ drops and we loose it. The track is perfectly produced, with dramatic synth arrangements in between Vic Mensa’s hype’s bars. Not so often we find a gender vending collab that works as well as this, so S/O to these two amazing creatives for making it happen.

DJ Khaled feat Drake – For Free

for free dj kahleed

Just another track where Drake cleverly talks about his ‘good dick’ and how he should chance his profession to a male  prostitute. Nothing new, but the track is banging and some of these bars could come in handy when you are fighting with your ex. The track is the first to come out from Dj Khaled’s upcoming album ‘Major Key‘. Expect a lot more debauchery anthems.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.36.01 PM


Beck – WOW


This is a whole new side of Beck we did think it was coming, a feel good upbeat arrangement with hip-hop like bass… What? We are definitely not mad. The track is the first release since his Grammy winning album in 2013, the album is set to be released sometime soon. Watch out for those whistling sounds mid song, they will make you turn your head every time.

 mystery lightsPhoto by Sacha Lecca

The Mystery Lights – Follow Me Home

If you see the title Mystery Lights anywhere a music blog, the expectations should always be the same… Raw and heavy psychedelia. Their understanding of the genre is beyond any other band we’ve seen in recent years. ”Follow Me Home” is filled with some groovy guitar riffs and some haunting queerish organ sounds. So Spooky!



Kaskade & Felix Cartal – Fakin It

Fakin It is a track that reminds us of that polished sound of old Kaskade, the veteran has and still is one of the most flawless producers in business. The track is dreamy and pleasant like a jam out session, mid day after a long day at work. Feels just right.

Cruel Winter – Kanye West / Big Sean / Travis Scott / 2 Chains \ Desiigner \ Yo Gotti \ Quavo and Gucci Mane


The winter response form 2012’s Good Music’s ‘Cruel Summer‘. Its been 4 years in the making and we get the taste of the first track which does not even have a title yet. Its a battle of the current and the hyped. 2 Chains and Big Sean are the veterans here and you can tell so.

Oli Hannford – Lily


Lily‘ is a track that caught my attention this week because of the smooth vocals and  a clean guitar like melody that just made my heart melt. Its a simple tune that will bright up your feels. Oli Hannford is still a newcomer living in London, this track being his 3rd single we can expect nothing but growth from the youngin.

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Trè Samuels – Flying Without You

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.56.37 AM

Photo by NickBlumenthal

Another newcomer roaming the waves of soundcloud Trè Samuels, is the soulful alternative for this weekend. His vocals are as heartfelt and intimate as can be, the young model turned singer just released an EP called ‘Lost in Translation’ and every note on is screams sensuality. So you know this is way down our alley~  Enjoy!


Vic Mensa – 16 Shotsvic-mensa-accused-by-french-rap-artist-for-plagiarism-on-u-mad-0

We are finishing up this week’s list with a strong song subjected by the injustice and police abuse in Chi-Town. Although we are used to seeing Vic Mensa rapping about Drugs, fun and the ladies, this time around we get a view of the political stands he stands by. The track is aggressive and to the point, just like it should be when talking about serious and meaningful topics. To the end of the song there is a sample of a police report that will give you the chills, the perfect conclusion to such activist song.

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