by Vanessa Mia Matic

A terrible softness trembles in the skin for love and its sins.
That absorbs the hollow and make the darkness into light that
it carries beneath its black shimmer. All glows like summer,
newborns crawl, blossoming buds, bees, and the sex vibrating
like the flowers that drown. The wind is excited, and its touch is
like your ghost. Memories are like a backward love, sweet as the
friction of a stranger you’ve fallen in love with; A few decades ago.
To taste the fire of desire like a ripe strawberry doused in sugar
and champagne. As to kiss beauty in the face of decay. Yet your
eyes were darker than magic, they sunk into my heart like stones.

”You smell like opium and tears. You feel like wind with warmth,
as you fill the space so sweetly. You’re the blue freckles in my
reddening dream. It swells with breeze and the vibration of ecstasy.
It makes me believe we’ve come into our own. A twin to my roaming
soul. To open like the sky is disappearing, up in flames on this beautiful

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