Katherine Larson is a photographer based in Los Angeles, CA who we recently stumbled upon’s work perusing Instagram. Her images stuck out immediately, we scrolled down for around 10 minutes before finally reaching out to feature her – it’s not often an artist makes an impact like that on us. In her feature shoot for us she told us this when describing the mood and centralized idea surrounding the creative setting she wanted to accomplish, “I’ve always had an obsession with anything eerie. With this shoot I wanted to create a mysterious mood while showing a soft and elegant side. We found a haunted hotel to shoot at and it was quite magical. Every room and piece of furniture was so grandeur, it was as if we found a secret castle and I loved every minute of it.” – starring model Brennah Black.
See more of Katherine Larson’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / TUMBLR / FACEBOOK / ETSY
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